Hello it’s us!

Mia & Markus. We are a photographer couple blessed to work with each other. Before Lovestoriestotell we worked in the fashion industry. When we met we were both seeking for a more meaningful profession. We wanted to create something that will last forever and has a true meaning in life. So the answer was pretty obvious: Love. We have to take photos of lovers and their stories and that’s how Lovestoriestotell was born.

We both are dreamers and believers. We truly believe in love and its power. We believe in love at first sight and its magic.
We dream about a better world where people remember who they are and finding their way back to nature. A world where the little moment counts. And that’s why photography is so important, to hold on to these moments that matter. To remember what is really essential in life.

Having met on a nontraditional way, we love to hear genuine love stories! We are passionate about photo- and videography and are so happy to document weddings in our own unique style.

Some random facts about us:

  • we live together with two very lazy cats, Zelda and Oskar and one adventurous chameleon named Gulliver

  • we´re currently based in Munich, but planing to live elsewhere very soon

  • we both love the mid centuries, the colors, the furniture, everything!

  • we love, love, love the outdoors and taking every opportunity to camp in the wild

  • we love it green and have at least 40 plants in our home, not included Gullivers home

  • we both care for a good drink and good home cooked food

  • we love to watch documentaries about history and wildlife

  • Mia loves to cook and has a bit of an ice tea addiction and has a big thing for kimonos, she probably owns about 6 (for now..). She loves hitchcock movies, shakespear plays and taking very, very long baths

  • Markus loves to get handy and creative with natural material, he smokes pipes and got himself a little (not so little actually) pipe collection, he loves to photograph on film and to get lost in a good book